Have you ever had a desire, a burning sensation that you wanted to do something big with your life? Have you ever felt or thought to yourself that there has to be more to life than where you are at currently?

Then my question to you my friend is what’s stopping you? What negative thought are you holding onto that is holding you back from achieving all that you can achieve? Do you really know who you are and what you can achieve if you just put your mind to it?

So again I ask… what or who is stopping you from obtaining all that destiny has for you to accomplish?

Achievers never stop challenging themselves to accomplish their very best in every aspect of life. This is what sets you apart and defines who you are. I believe that inspiration and motivation doesn’t seek after you or better yet it does not interrupt you; these are things that have to be sought after or or even pursued. Every single day we must take note of everything that is going into our conscious or subconcious mind. We must feed our thoughts make a conscious choice to direct our thoughts, energy and focus or you will find that the negative thoughts that you have allowed to come in will totally get you off track and off course.

You have to have a plan and a strategy that will ensure that you are taking control of your thoughts, actions and focus. This Motivation Page is a compilation of different videos that I watch that helps me get over certain obstacles in my life. You have to watch these videos over and over until they become part of your being. If your schedule is real busy just listen and watch one video a day.

In this game called life you cant just talk about it. You have to be about it!!

So as your watching these video one thing is automatic and that is change. We don’t know if the change will be good or bad, all we know is that it will happen. It is up to you to determine how the change will affect you and how you will respond to the change.

So Remember, Don’t talk about it!! Be About It!!

Good Morning Superstar.. Rise and Grind. Crisis always occurs at the curve of change. Whenever there is a crisis in our life, there is going to be a significant change occurring and being birthed. Sometimes what we see as a crisis is really a birthplace for radical change. So today we will stand firm and know that whatever we are going through, something incredible is about to take place.... Lets Go..Be Encouraged...#onthegrind #staygrinding #sleepis4suckas #beastmode #getitdone #self-disciplined #stayfocused #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #nextlevelliving #nextlevelthinking #controlledanddisciplinedthoughts
Good Morning Superstar..Rise and Grind..Sometimes in our lives the only difference between being insignificant and significant are the challenges we have chosen face and overcome. Whenever God wants to promote us he brings us into an environment where our significance can be magnified, documented and rewarded. Today we stand strong in knowing that in one day God can move us from obscurity to the palace.. Lets Go..Be Encouraged... #onthegrind #BlueGreenVacations #staygrinding #sleepis4suckas #beastmode #getitdone #self-disciplined #stayfocused #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #nextlevelliving #nextlevelthinking #controlledanddisciplinedthoughts
Good Morning Billionaire..Rise and Grind..Never give more time to a CRITIC than you would give to a FRIEND. Critics are those who come against you because they have no vision or goals for themselves so they try to diminish yours. You dont have to explain to your friends and your critics will never understand so why bother and waste your time. Invest your energy and time into relationship that matter in your life .. Lets Go..Be Encouraged... #onthegrind #staygrinding #sleepis4suckas #beastmode #getitdone #self-disciplined #stayfocused #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #nextlevelliving #nextlevelthinking #controlledanddisciplinedthoughts
Good Morning Superstar..Rise and Grind..Sometimes in life we are going to go through tough times that's just life. We have to remember that,we have to stay positive in every negative event. I believe if we keep our faith, keep our trust, keep the right attitude and be grateful in all things, we will see God open up new doors in in our lives .. Lets Go..Be Encouraged... #onthegrind #BlueGreenVacations #staygrinding #sleepis4suckas #beastmode #getitdone #selfdiscipline #stayfocused #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #nextlevelliving