3 Goals To Make This Year Phenomenal

I did a blog last week about Second Quarter Preparation. Here are three sure fire ways to make this year Phenomenal ..

First goal is to not set goals YOU don’t have a plan to make.no plan

Setting goals without a plan is really a dream. Quit kidding yourself. Unless there is a plan, the ability to achieve a goal is going to be left to chance. Why leave something to chance?

If you want chance, buy a lottery ticket or go to Vegas. Personally, I would rather put things in my control by making a plan.

Second goal is to become an impact player.

I would hope by me not putting the word “positive” ahead of impact player you wouldn’t see it as positive-influencebeing anything other than a positive attribute.

What are the things you will do in the year ahead that will allow you be a positive impact on people you come in contact with? When we make an impact on others, we are allowing our assets to become part of others and that means we’re compounding the value of our assets. Knowledge left unshared eventually becomes knowledge lost

Third goal is to be willing to be held accountable.accountability-partner1

If you’re not willing to be held accountable by others, then you might as well move to a deserted island, because that’s all you’re worthy of. We all become sharper when we allow others to impact us in the same manner we want to impact others.

Allowing us to be held accountable is taking impact and going one step farther. Accountability means being willing to adjust and change. One of the key reason goals are not accomplished is that no one is holding the person accountable.


Christopher Allen

You are one click away from a new and exciting life…

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Second Quarter Preparation

Can you believe the second quarter of the year is swiftly approaching on us.  first-quarter-under-review-rotator_-_GAME

I encourage each and every one of you to reflect on the the first quarter of the year and see if your pleased with the results.

successfailureYou need to jot down all of your triumphs, your miss steps, your promises made, your promises broken, the times you opened yourself up to great adventures or closed yourself down for fear of getting hurt, the times that you thought maybe I should but didn’t. Write these out so you can see how much you truly have accomplished.

Sometimes life gets us down and we feel like we are a Life-Knocks-Us-Down-Somtimestotal failure but we have to understand that success is a process and if it wasn’t everyone would be successful. 

We have a new day everyday which means a fresh start to create and vision exactly what we picture.We have to remember that we don’t get what we want we get what picture. my-vision-board-small

What do you picture your 2014 would like like at this point ? What gifts do you want to receive? How do you want to feel? Who do you want to meet? (If anyone) What does your business like?. The goal of this exercise is to set the intention for every day that you wake up.

We can create anything we want in life… it’s your turn to create. As long as you have LIFE in your body, you are given another chance. A chance to forgive, to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more and stop worrying about what if and start embracing what will be. 

Let’s remember to be nice to each other, kind to each love one anotherother. Not just now, but all days of our life..Lets Go..Be Encouraged.

Christopher Allen

You are one click away from a new and exciting life…

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6 Steps To Being A Better Friend

I was recently talking to a good friend of mine and we were talking about relationships and friendships. The conclusion of that conversation was that you have to mentally take the time to invest emotionally in relationship to keep them alive.

fine wineFriendships that are lasting are like expensive wines. It gets better and better as it ages. With that said I am not a drinker but that is what I have been told..lol. We have to understand that a relationship and friendship that is bonded will require care and effort to maintain it..

As I walked away from that conversation with my friend, I jotted a few things down and taking notesthis is what I came up with in order to go deeper into interpersonal relationships and to become a better friend…

We must be reliable as friends

When we think of friends we usually think of someone I can count on in rough times and in good times. It’s a level trust to know that this person has got my back. We are in this boat together. Trust in friendship can be “broken” quickly, especially if there is no reliability in the relationship. If you lose the other person’s confidence in you, it is difficult to restore it.

Just reach out and say hi!

We all live in a society where we are constantly “On The Grind”. We are accomplishing our goals that we have set forth in the beginning of the year and time is passing us by. I totally get that because I am guilty of it myself. We are so busy that we do not keep enough contact as a strong friendship requires. A good friend should have time for another, even if they are tired.saying hi1

We cannot wait around for the other person to call us, but we have to take initiative ourselves. Even if you live 500 miles away… find ways to overcome the distance!. Just

Tell the truth when needed!
Have we created an environment where our friends can tell us the truth or have we trained them to lie to us? A real friend will not be afraid to confront or tell you the truth when need be. We have to always lead with compassion but never allow the person you call your friend to walk in error without you as there FRIEND letting them know when they are wrong. DONT BE A YES MAN OR WOMAN…

Just tell them!
Honesty is one of the main pillars of friendship. The other must be aware that he can count on your honesty. Even if honesty may hurt the other person’s feelings… you should try to tell the truth without compromise.

Don’t crowd them

Don’t be a needy friend. That’s the friend that is always in need, Timely, Emotional, Spiritually, Financially. It can be very taxing on your relationship. If your friend wants some space to think or to be alone for a while, understand this need. There is no reason to “stick” on them, since friendship does not mean being together all the time.

This will give the necessary “breath” to your friendship, so as to appreciate more the time you spend together.

Shut Up and Quit whining!

We have all had them, that friend that is constantly whining about life. They always see quit whiningthe glass half empty and never half full. There is nothing worse than a friend who constantly whines and can’t have a normal conversation.
There are always “bad” days, but you can’t always be negative in a conversation. Instead, listen carefully to the other and have a constructive conversation.

Understand the weaknesses of your friend

Treat your friends as equal human beings, despite the years of your friendship. Takefriends image into account their weaknesses, but also your own. You need to understand their mistakes and not think that you are always right!

Christopher Allen

You are one click away from a new and exciting life…

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Get Over The IMMA DO’s

Get Over The IMMA DO’s

I was talking to a good friend and business partner the other day and he began to challenge me on some of the projects that I had started. As I began to come up with excuse after excuse is quickly dawned on me that I have this dreaded disease called “Immadoitis” pronounced IM Ma Do Itis. Immadoitis is a disease that afects the the central nerve center and wont allow you to take action. Your brain is still in effect and still comes up with major ideas and concepts but the itis wont allow you to take action on any of them. This dreadful disease is spreading across this continent in a extremely alarming rate. Individuals are coming up with some major major plans including me and never really accomplishing any of them. I found myself get more excited and hyped up about the idea that I had rather than fulfulling it so I could live out the dream that it would produce for me and my family. I am sure that if you took a poll you would find this type of behavior rapant all over the the world, where peopl always “talked” about how Imma do this and imma do that but rarely do anything at all.

Disappointment always comes after you realize that effort that you put into any project wasnt your best effort. When you realize that the action that you put out was not your best action you will find disappointment. Sometimes you must ask your self the hard questions in order for you to come up with the right answers. Why dont you take action?, what are you scared of?, what is hindering you?,.why do you continue to get all excited and then you feel disapointed wehd it does not work or pan out for you. These are some questions that you have to ask yourself.

I have come up with a few reasons why I feel paralyzed sometimes. These may sound familiar to you as well..If it does YOU MUST TAKE ACTION TO CHANGE IT!!!! in order for you to live the productive and creative life that you were destined to live.

#1) My surroundings sometimes was affecting me..I found myself coming up with big ideas, concepts and when I would share it with my family and friends if they did not buy in to it I would tend to put the idea on the shelf. Not realizing that sometimes family does that because they think they are protecting you from heartache and pain. But sometimes they talk you out of your dreams because if you become successful it because to shine a light on what they are not doing

#2) I would always find a way to “GET READY”. I would spend major time getting ready to accomplish my task that, that I rarely ever did accopmplish them. I would alway say now is not the right time, people are eating dinner, they getting ready to take kids to school. I would alway find a excuse and look for the perfect conditions to come and guess what they never did.

Here are a couple solutions that you can use if you find yourself saying these same type of scenarios. Sometimes in life it does not take major changes to take place, just a couple of little tweeks and turns here and there and you will make progress. One of my mentors always says “You dont get what you want you get what you picture” so that leads me up to the first step in getting what you picture.

#1) The bible says in Habakkuk 2:2. ” “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets,That he may run who reads it”. Sometimes you have to write out the plan and make it so plain that who ever will look at it will know exactely what you want.

#2) After you write the vision your going to have to set goals to obtain it. What would it take to accomplish all that you have envisioned

#3) Then you must break everthing down into milestones so that you will know you are on task with the vision and going in the right direction. You must break the milestones into small incremental bites..You dont want them to be too big thats its impossible but not too small that you wont go after it.

#4) Here is the major one..Because you have have a case of IMMADOITIS..It is very easy for you to get distracted. If you are going to accomplish this mission that you have set out for youself your going to have to put your head down, blinders on and stay focused. You have to cut out all of the distractions in your life in order for you to accomplish this goal..You have to set aside to time to be by yourself and focus. You have to identify all of your dstractions and avoid them like the plague

#5) Personal Development. You will soon learn and discover that this journey that you are on is truly a inside out job..It is a journey of personal develpment. The internet is full of personal development sites that you can visit for free. What ever your weakness is, you have to develop and make it stronger..If your not a great speaker, join toastmasters or some other organizations that will help you out in that area. If your shy and dont like dealing with people, go out and make that stronger in your life..What ever it is you can develop it and make it stronger Confront your fears and do it anyway. If you have personal insecurities, fears, and worries that arise and make you wonder if you will succeed or not, address those emotions and talk yourself through it by encouraging yourself to give it a try anyway, knowing that you will only discover the outcome by taking action!!

So with all this said it all boils down to you taking “Massive Action” to get things done. Make a decision to today to Be Bold, Be Stong and go out and do the darn thing..This is your time, this is your season now go take hold of it.

Christopher Allen

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Are We Still In A Recession

Are We Still In A Recession

Have you noticed lately that the dialog on tv is starting to shift. There was a time where you could not turn on the t.v without hearing about how bad things are. People were getting laid off off jobs left and right. People were jumping out of buildings and killing their families because they were losing everything. Wall street fat cats were going to jail after living the good life for years off of the sweat of their employees. We were hearing words like Bailouts, Mergers, Right sizing (I guess that what just a fancy term for we want you to work harder for less money)…I could go on with the list because I am sure we could find the news feed to show how bad things were..Then we had the Mayans panic or scare where people thought the world was going to end and I believe if you weren’t grounded or rooted, one would probably be praying that it was true just so they could get some relief from the circumstance they were probably in..(I would have liked to see how their face looked when they woke up and realized that God was not through with them yet). LOL

As I watched the decline of the economy which I saw first hand from the drivers seat of the Real estate Industry ” I was shocked”. I was involved in what was the booming Real Estate Industry for the last 12 years. I watched in awe of how my once high 6 figure income started to decline. I went from making 6 figures to no figures in a matter of 6 months. My home was in jeopardy, I had cars repo-ed, my marriage was on the rocks and began to slip into a downward spiral and I was falling fast. I began to search for answers and I needed them in a quick fast and in a hurry. Then It hit me..I was reminded of a industry and a concept that I heard learned years prior..The industry of Network Marketing.

So many of us have been programmed to go to school, get a good education and then find that great job with a corner office. We were never taught that in case you don’t get that great job with a corner office that you should have a plan B. When I discovered the industry of Network Marketing it fueled a passion in me that I never new existed..I began to read books on personal growth..I began to understand concepts and ideas..I learned new things on how our brain is programmed to believe one thing when its really something else. For me it was way more of a inside out job and what I was becoming rather than the income that I was earning. Now don’t get me wrong this industry has truly supplemented my income and I would not trade it for the world but the journey of personal growth was more important to me.

In order for you to maintain your since of being and understand whats going on, you need to fill your mind with the proper food and nutrients. We all know that whatever you fill your head up with will determine your world view and your outlook on whats going on. I consistently read books like “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” The Greatest Secret” by Earl Nightingale. Every since this market has gone into a tale-spin, I’ve decided to unplug from this Matrix that was making me feel bad. You have to find the things that make you feel good and feel alive and go after those things regardless of whats being said or not said on that one eyed bandit we know at television “It is truly Telling you a vision but it may not be yours”…..

I can admit one thing that we have learned in this economy was the separation of the Rich and The Poor..They had two completely view points on what was going on
Obama said it best “Change” must come In order for our economy and way of life to be put back in order “I still don’t know what the change is but hey he said it” If we don’t figure something out quick, the separation of class will continue to dominate, causing some folk to get richer and some folk to continue to get poorer. Although the recession broke the spirits of a lot of people it also made some people to rise and take possession of opportunities that presented themselves. People realized or are realizing that their once safe job was not as safe as they thought. It made a lot of people hit the reset button and start all over and realize the true God given talents…The Bible says that God has given us the ability to obtain wealth.. We have the power and the ability to create our own destiny. Now is the time to wake up and go and be bold. We must realize that everything begins with a thought, then you must believe, then you have to take action and then you will obtain.

Christopher Allen

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Good Morning Superstar.. Rise and Grind. Crisis always occurs at the curve of change. Whenever there is a crisis in our life, there is going to be a significant change occurring and being birthed. Sometimes what we see as a crisis is really a birthplace for radical change. So today we will stand firm and know that whatever we are going through, something incredible is about to take place.... Lets Go..Be Encouraged...#onthegrind #staygrinding #sleepis4suckas #beastmode #getitdone #self-disciplined #stayfocused #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #nextlevelliving #nextlevelthinking #controlledanddisciplinedthoughts
Good Morning Superstar..Rise and Grind..Sometimes in our lives the only difference between being insignificant and significant are the challenges we have chosen face and overcome. Whenever God wants to promote us he brings us into an environment where our significance can be magnified, documented and rewarded. Today we stand strong in knowing that in one day God can move us from obscurity to the palace.. Lets Go..Be Encouraged... #onthegrind #BlueGreenVacations #staygrinding #sleepis4suckas #beastmode #getitdone #self-disciplined #stayfocused #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #nextlevelliving #nextlevelthinking #controlledanddisciplinedthoughts
Good Morning Billionaire..Rise and Grind..Never give more time to a CRITIC than you would give to a FRIEND. Critics are those who come against you because they have no vision or goals for themselves so they try to diminish yours. You dont have to explain to your friends and your critics will never understand so why bother and waste your time. Invest your energy and time into relationship that matter in your life .. Lets Go..Be Encouraged... #onthegrind #staygrinding #sleepis4suckas #beastmode #getitdone #self-disciplined #stayfocused #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #nextlevelliving #nextlevelthinking #controlledanddisciplinedthoughts
Good Morning Superstar..Rise and Grind..Sometimes in life we are going to go through tough times that's just life. We have to remember that,we have to stay positive in every negative event. I believe if we keep our faith, keep our trust, keep the right attitude and be grateful in all things, we will see God open up new doors in in our lives .. Lets Go..Be Encouraged... #onthegrind #BlueGreenVacations #staygrinding #sleepis4suckas #beastmode #getitdone #selfdiscipline #stayfocused #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #nextlevelliving