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Christopher Allen, a leader in his community and role model to many, lives by a simple, yet complex creed: Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be added onto you.  Never being comfortable with achieving just the status quo, Christopher’s path is guided by God, Faith and Focus.  Christopher wants to use his success to show others how to reach for, and grasp, all of life’s infinite possibilities.C ALLEN 3 Christopher Allen was born and raised in the small town of Elkhart, Indiana.  Very early in life, Christopher developed the strong work ethics modeled by his mother.  It was also during those early years that he became intrigued by the luxurious lifestyles displayed on television by hit shows such as Dallas and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  Christopher understood and learned at a very young age that in order to achieve the level of lifestyle that he saw on television a ordinary 9-5 job was not the answer. People may think that Christopher’s introduction to the network marketing industry must have been some elaborate story out of children’s book but the reality is quite the opposite.

This guy came by my parent’s house to get them in Amway back in 1989. He showed my parents this catalog with all the top people and I overheard him say how much these people were making per month.  That got my attention because the lifestyle that I wanted would only come with some extra commas in my paycheck.  So I signed up and began my first network marketing experience that day. I tell everyone that network marketing messed me up for life because once I got a dose of network marketing and understood the possibilities that this industry could offer this became my plan A and  getting a job became my Plan B.

Christopher had multiple business ventures growing up before graduating high school. Upon graduating from high school the reality of real world struck and  a  decision had to be made which held Christopher back from embracing his passion of entrepreneurship. Christopher played things safe by enlisting in the United States Air Force, a career path that would bring stability and allow him to live a comfortable life, even if it wasn’t what he had dreamed of doing. Despite the change in his business plans, Christopher applied laser-sharp focus to adapt to the regiment of a soldier but one thing was noise in his ear:  the PAY scale.  It was very difficult to look at the LES and know exactly how much he was going to make over the next 20 years no matter how hard he worked. After joining his second network marketing company and after spending 4 years and serving the country faithfully, Christopher decided that the military was not a career path that would allow and afford him the lifestyle that he truly wanted.  So in 1996 Christopher opted out of the military life and into the world of Network Marketing.  Christopher and his wife Tiffany traveled the country speaking on the great opportunity with a then new telecom company and training thousands on how to be successful in network marketing.  This success, however, was abruptly cut short when the company filed bankruptcy and went out of business.  Discouraged and disgruntled, Christopher and his wife Tiffany began to explore other business ventures. So they ventured off in the realm of real estate.  They successful bought and sold real estate in the Jacksonville, Florida area. While they had a successful run in this industry, they lacked the understanding of how to handle their new found wealth and soon found themselves broke, busted and disqusted. Although this journey has been a long one and most definitely difficult at times, it has been well worth it. Christopher Allen is now finally enjoying his passion. As a Speaker, Trainer and Life Coach, he travels the world, training and showing others how to be successful, empowering them to embrace and fulfill their own passion is the most important of them all.   Christopher resides in Jacksonville, FL with his wife, best friend, soul mate and business partner, Tiffany, and their two sons.

“It is my hope and prayer that I train and motivate leaders in network marketing that this industry has not seen yet. I will be the first to tell you that this industry has its ups and downs. You will lose “friends.” You will be the laughing stock of family jokes. You may even have your lights cut off a couple of times, but the experience gained will be so valuable to you. If you learn the skills and tenacity of this industry, you will be successful no matter what it is you do.  I have been on both sides of money.  I know what it is like to be so broke that you don’t even know that there is another way. I have made so much money that I did not have to ask the price. I also know what it is like to lose it all again.  So with that said, “Let’s not talk about, let’s be about it.”

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    Great information, cant wait to see whats next, keep it up.

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